A unique conference on current trends and news in the plant-based food market!

November 6 | Hotel Color, Pri Starom mýte 1, Bratislava


The food industry is changing at an ever-increasing pace. The popularity of plant-based food is growing significantly and progressively more retail chains, food manufacturers and restaurant chains are finding business potential in it. The growing interest in flexitarianism has made plant-based alternatives to meat or dairy products common items in shopping carts. The Plant-Powered Perspectives Slovakia conference will offer a platform for discussion on these topics for the fifth year. Experts agree that the market for plant-based foods will continue to grow in the world and in Slovakia. Meet the leaders in the field and get the latest information to help you make the most of the opportunities this market has to offer. The entire conference program will be conducted in both Slovak and English with simultaneous translation for all sessions.



Previous years have revealed a great interest in sharing expertise and experience in the field of new plant-based products, but also in the needs of the consumer. That is why we are presenting the fifth edition, which will be a lively platform for discussing not only current trends and customer needs but also future development and upcoming challenges.

The Plant-Powered Perspectives conference should not be missed by:
  • retail and wholesale representatives
  • food producers
  • representatives of the meat or dairy industry open to new solutions
  • food and food-tech start-ups
  • representatives of the FMCG and HoReCa sectors
  • trend watchers, innovators
  • venture capitalists, angel investors and accelerators within the food industry
  • people involved in policy-making (especially in the food sector)
  • marketers from the gastronomy sector
  • institutions that want to keep up with the latest trends
  • anyone interested in the development of the food market and the growing popularity of plant-based products


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Ladislav Csengeri (GfK)

Director of the Consumer Panel division of GfK for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, monitoring the consumer and shopping behaviour of households. He has been working at GfK since 2007. He focuses on consulting activities within the framework of research projects for domestic and international companies, which includes manufacturers as well as retail chains.

Sebastian Tolwinski (Upfield)

Director of Corporate Affairs & Communications in Central and Eastern Europe in the company UPFIELD, which also represents the popular plant-based cheese alternative brand, Violife. He has been working in the FMCG for 21 years in sectors of plant-based foods, oils, fats, sweet confectionery, beverages, dairy as well as in trade.

Viktor Burányi (Plant Revolt)

Viktor Buranyi, co-founder and director of the Hungarian company Plant Revolt Ltd., specializes in the development and production of a wide range of meat and dairy alternative food products. Despite his 5-year experience in the food industry, he brings to the table 25 years of management experience and leads many fascinating projects. Among other things, he is dedicated to educating the public about the importance and benefits of adopting a plant-based diet.

Carlotte Lucas (Good Food Institute)

Carlotte Lucas is the senior corporate engagement manager at the Good Food Institute Europe. The GFI Europe is an international NGO helping to build a more sustainable, healthy and just food system by transforming meat production. Carlotte works with companies and investors across the globe to drive investment, accelerate innovation, and scale the supply chain of alternative proteins—all faster than market forces alone would allow.

Martin Jahoda (Emco)

Owner and the CEO of the Czech family company Emco, which has been producing cereal products such as müsli, porridge, and cereal bars for 30 years and has recently entered the plant-based alternatives market with their brand Pan Hrášek. Father of 4 children and co-founder of children’s sports programme Gymathlon.

Dagmar Sádecká (You Vegan)

Co-owner and executive director of You Vegan, Inc. from 2021. She has been working in the FMCG sector for more than 20 years, she has held several positions in the field of trade and production in the food industry.

Veronika Gregorková
(Lean Institute SK & CZ)

Director and founder of the Lean Institute in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. She gained experience in the field of industrial and process optimizations and innovations thanks to a long-term cooperation with companies in industries such as production, banking, trade, services and others.

Erik Šiatkovský (Tesco)

Commercial Director for Tesco in Slovakia, who has been working in the company for 15 years in various management positions in Slovakia as well as other countries in Central Europe. He spent most of his career in the field of real estate, acquisitions and mall management.

Michal Britvík (Ryba Žilina)

CEO of Ryba Žilina, Ltd. A leader with German retail experience seasoned by working in the Korean automotive industry, who has been leading the largest Slovak delicacy manufacturer for 9 years.

Milan Pašmík (McCarter)

Chairman of the Board of Directors and co-owner of the Slovak company McCarter Inc., which he founded in 1996. He primarily focuses on strategy and direction with an emphasis on innovation and the development of new concepts, and is engaged in the development and support of trade, including export.





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